Police In Australia Found A Stoner’s To-Do List During A Home Search, The Goals On It Were Pathetic


Aside from the occasional dead body, cops must love seeing all the bizarre shit they find when searching through people’s homes. They get to see how the other half truly lives. Just look at the to-do list that the Murdoch Police department (in western Australia) found during the search of a property. It’s a stoner’s to-do list and I think we can all agree, this person had a productive little Saturday planned.

I’m not one to critique another person’s to-do list because I’ve never really used them, but this stoner’s efforts are laughable. “Get up and get ready.” Really? If you didn’t write that down what would happen? Would the entire morning spin out of control causing you to wind up skipping right to #10 on the list? Then your day is obviously shot, because you spend the rest of it alternating between eating, sleeping and jerking off. Now, that sounds like a nice little Saturday. This list, not so much.

[H/T LadBible]