Police Intercept 37 Million Painkillers That Were Going To ISIS Fighters For Their Fix

When the United States is dropping the “Mother of All Bombs” on you, and Russia is constantly bombing you, and the Islamic State is losing critical cities as well as massive swaths of land in their so-called caliphate, ISIS fighters can kind of be on edge. The Daesh jihadists need their fix to get zooted to carry on their unwinnable war against the rest of the world. Unfortunately for Islamic State militants a huge stash of painkillers won’t be available for them to get high.

Police in Italy have seized an estimated 37 million painkillers, worth $75 million, that were believed to be on their way to Libya and then to ISIS fighters. The shipment went from India to Sri Lanka to Genoa, Italy, and then it was scheduled to arrive at Misrata and Tobruk, Libya. There were three containers labeled to be blankets and shampoo, but inside were tens of millions of painkiller pills. Italian investigators have traced the tramadol shipment to an Indian pharmaceuticals company called Royal International. The pills were tramadol, a synthetic opioid-like drug that some use as a cheap alternative to cocaine.

There are reports that the pills were to be sold to ISIS jihadists who take them during battle to heighten resistance to physical and mental stress.

“ISIS is making a fortune from this traffic, giving it to its fighters to make them feel no pain,” an Italian investigator told the Times of London.

ISIL has been exposed supplying their fighters the drug Captagon, an amphetamine that blocks hunger, fear, and fatigue.

Plus the drugs help finance terrorism.

In March, Greek authorities seized $10 million worth of Captagon that was destined for Libya. Last summer, Last year, police uncovered a contained carrying 26 million tramadol tablets that were on their way to Libya originally from India.


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