Poor Fool Gets Hilariously Stuck In A Trash Can When He Tries To Stand On The Bottom And It Gives Way

I guess this is why you never try to stand on an overturned garbage can, huh? Because when it breaks and you become stuck in it, you immediately become the laughing stock of your whole family, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

No way that poor guy would’ve been able to get out on his own, and I couldn’t imagine what he would’ve done if no one was home. Like, what do you do that point? Just man up and go along with your chores while you’re rocking a solid 60-gallon around your lower half? I mean, that’s practically the only choice unless he would’ve maybe found some hedge shears and cut himself out of it, but chances are he’d have to bend over to get them wherever they were and we both know that’s totally impossible given his predicament.

Side note: how lucky is he that he didn’t catch his manhood on the side of the can during his descent back down to earth. That would’ve made this all a lot less funny and a whole lot more painful.

Number one takeaway here? Use a step ladder. And when you do, don’t stand on the top step either, because those can break just as easily. Speaking from firsthand experience, unfortunately…

[H/T Mashable]