Why Is This Poor Woman Who Super Glued Her Eye Shut On The News And Not In A Goddamn Hospital?



Ummmmmm I’m pretty sure this poor lady should be in surgery right now, not doing a live news report talking about how HER EYE IS SUPER GLUED SHUT. Apparently, where she lives, people mistake the arts & crafts necessity for Visine all the time.

Listen, I don’t care that she says “someone” poured glue into her eye, because there is zero doubt in my mind this woman definitely did this to herself by accident. One second a leaf blower is blowing debris all around, then, “Oh fuck! It’s in my eye, I need those eye drops in my handbag quick AF!!!” Only those eye drops turn out to be superglue and now your eye is glued shut and well fuck, I guess this is worthy of some local news coverage, right?

I totally understand her not wanting to admit it, though. I’m sure it’s not easy to come to terms with yourself when you do something so fucking stupid like this, and this isn’t exactly one of those oopsie-daisy mistakes you can get away without telling anyone about. She’s rocking it like a badge of honor, though, so props on that.

On a serious note, too, she must have went to the worst doctor in the world because there’s no way any normal hospital is sending you home with your EYE GLUED SHUT. Like, “Yeah, give it a few days, we’ll see if it fixes itself.”

FUCK. THAT. If I was ever dumb enough to superglue my eye shut, you better bet I’m living at the hospital until my eye is un-superglued.

Poor, poor woman.

[via WPBF 25, h/t Elite Daily]