President Obama Talks Trump, Clinton, Cubs, Bill Murray, Snapchat, And Metal Detectors With Jimmy Kimmel

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barack obama on jimmy kimmel live

President Barack Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night where he read some “Mean Tweets” and talked about a variety of things from the election to Snapchat to Bill Murray to Donald Trump to metal detectors to the Chicago Cubs.

Kimmel asked Obama is he ever laughs at Trump and the President responded, “Most of the time.” The Commander in Chief said he has seen Trump’s “Grab ’em by the pussy” video from 2005 and said it would be a problem for your best friend if he did the same and he worked in an office.

When Obama was asked if he wished he could run against Donald Trump, he said, “Hillary is doing a fine job.” Obama was concerned that Trump wasn’t an “honorable man” such as former Republican presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney that Obama ran against. The President was concerned with Trump’s treatment of Muslims and women. Kimmel did say Obama made one mistake during his campaigns, he didn’t sell hats like Trump.

Obama was asked why people don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

Obama announced that he had already voted and urged fellow Americans to do the same between now and Tuesday, November 8. Obama, who has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton, did not divulge who he voted for when asked by Kimmel.

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