This Little Girl Owns ‘Princess Week’ By Wearing The Greatest Dance Costume Ever

This is Ainsley and at the tender age of 5 she’s already sticking her middle finger up at society — in the most adorable of ways.

From Esquire:

It was princess week at Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina. All the dancers dressed up like their favorite princesses. Well, all but one. Little Ainsley marches to the beat of her own drum. In a bold fashion choice, she dressed up as a hot dog and won our hearts.

Why a hot dog? “Because its my favorite costume,” five-year-old Ainsley said later on stage at a recital dressed in her costume, adding that she is definitely a fan of ketchup over mustard.

Don’t lie and say you wouldn’t watch a dancing 5-year-old hot dog. Cinderella and the lesbian from Frozen are boring as hell. WE WANT A DANCING ALL BEEF FRANK!

[via Esquire]

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