School Principal Texts ‘Vaginas On Fire’ In Regards To Sexual Harassment Scandal, Is Promptly Fired



Editor’s Note: No vaginas were set on fire in the writing of this article.  In fact, no fire and/or vaginas were involved whatsoever.

The principal at Dr. Phillips Elementary School in Orlando, Florida has been fired just weeks before Summer break. Former principal Daniel Merchant fell out favor with parents and other school administrators after a text message stating ‘vaginas on fire’ surfaced in regards to the female teachers at the school and their handling of a sexual harassment scandal that took place at the school.

Action News Jax has the story:

Elementary School has been removed from duty just a few weeks shy of the last day of school, Channel 9 learned.
The Orange County School District sent out a recorded phone message to parents late Wednesday to say Daniel Merchant is no longer at the elementary school.
“I’m calling to inform you that Principal Merchant has been removed of duty, effective today,” stated the call.
Merchant and his former assistant principal, Scott Peters, were involved in a scandal earlier this school year in which female teachers were referred to as “vaginas on fire.”
“I was kind of shocked about it, it seemed so sudden,” said parent Sherri Gregory.
In March, parents wanted him gone because of how he handled an accusation that a female student was sexually harassed by three boys.
Officials did not say why Merchant was let go.
No one answered the door at Merchant’s home when Channel 9’s Jeff Deal tried to ask why he was let go from his post.
Some parents were upset about the news.
“Mr. Merchant has always been an outstanding leader. He’s always been great with parents, always involved in activities,” said parent Summer Lee.
Other parents said with the distractions and past controversy, they see it as a chance to get the school back on track.

I guess it’s unclear if the ‘vaginas on fire’ text was what directly led to his firing, but I’m all about conjecture today so I’ll just make that assumption on my part. What’s confusing the hell out of me is how there’s a sexual harassment scandal at an elementary school that could rock the foundation of an entire elementary school. They’re young kids! How do they even know what the birds and the bees are yet?!?!? What is happening to the moral fiber of ‘Murica?!?!?

It’s also unclear how the ‘vaginas on fire’ text messages were leaked. Soooooo many loose ends here. I guess at this point we can’t even safely assume that at at no point was a vagina (or any part of the body) on fire. With so many questions left unanswered it seems plausible that there could have been things on fire throughout this strange scandal.

If more information becomes apparent I’ll update in the future… Pic unrelated:




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