A Live Puppet Show For Children Went Off The Rails When A Song About Prison Rape Was Performed

Everyone loves an outdoor, kid-friendly, puppet festival.

Who wouldn’t? Cute little furry things singing and dancing about all the things children love: flowers and swing sets and french fries and prison rape.


Festival organizers in Montreal are getting a lot of criticism after their annual Marionnettes Plein la Rue included a song called “Prison Bitch.”

The Cabaret Décadanse performed the jam, and fuck yea, there is video.

That little girl! Dancing. Amazing. Amazing.

It’s a pretty damn catchy doo-wop, something that wouldn’t feel out of place at a 1950s Sadie Hawkins dance, minus, you know, the contents of the song.

The festival teased Cabaret Décadanse’s show beforehand, saying, “nothing less than an open-air celebration of song and sensuality, highlighting characters who are both funny and decadent. Sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!”

Sensuality indeed.

After the video began making the rounds online, the organizers apologized for the performance in a statement posted to Facebook.

“This unease that we share was amplified by the fact that children were present in large numbers in the crowd. The organizers did not have all the necessary information in order to make an educated judgment about presenting this show. The entire team shares in the disappointment that several of you feel about this situation.”

I, however, am not disappointed. This made my damn day.

[Via The Washington Post]