Timelapse Of Puppies Running To Dinner As They Age From 11 Weeks To 11 Months Is All I’m Watching Today

Having a rough day? Watch this video. Need a pick-me-up because you’re still hungover as balls from last weekend? Watch this video. Thinking about getting a dog but aren’t sure which breed to go with? Watch this video. This timelapse of two golden retriever puppies running into the kitchen for dinner time as they age from 11 weeks to 11 months is my new drug (or is it anti-drug?).

This video came to us by way of Reddit, where one dog owner provided some more info on the two pups and which one is the doofus that keeps running into the cabinets. There’s even an Instagram for these pups known as the ‘Cheese Pups’ (Colby & Bleu) if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s Blue running into the cabinet again, because that was obviously the most adorable part.

And now that we’ve got all the cute stuff out of the way I want to change gears for a minute and call out all you bros who think corgis are real dogs. The other day I did some blogging on corgis, and it seemed to strike a nerve with a lot of you bros. I bashed corgis for being loud, obnoxious, and overhyped, and I wholeheartedly stand by that assessment. Corgis are just NOT all they’re cracked up to be.

Many of you bros pissed at my attack on corgis wanted to claim that I probably own a chihuahua, or some other equally tiny dog that isn’t really a dog at all. Well, you’re wrong. I subscribe to the Ron Swanson view on dogs that if a dog is under 50-pounds it’s a cat, and cats are useless. My dog’s a healthy 80-pounds, and roughly 3-times the size of a useless corgi (I have a Bernese Mountain Dog by the way). So any of you bros out there trying to defend corgis need to take a deep look inside yourself and ponder why it is you love cats so much. The fact that my dog is completely spineless and runs from chihuahuas on site is irrelevant here, because my dog weighs over 50 pounds and therefore is not a cat.

FACT: Corgis are glorified cats, and if you love corgis you then in turn love cats.

One more time. This is what a dog looks like:


Cass Anderson

This is a cat:

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