Remember The Guy Raising Money To Follow His Girlfriend On Spring Break? Look What That Douche Is Up To Now

This morning, we did a story about Azel Prather Jr. — the guy who started a GoFundMe page to raise $300 to follow his piece on Spring Break.

“If I had to pick one place for my girlfriend not to go, Miami would be it!” Prather told the Washington Post. He called Miami “every boyfriend’s worst nightmare” and added “I think the sun just melts all the morals in Miami. It’s a free-for-all!”

At first, we felt bad for the guy. He just wanted to follow his probably cheating all the time girl on Spring Break on someone else’s dime. It’s the American way. So I reached out to Azel and said “hey, I saw your story, when you return from the trip let’s talk.” I just wanted to know how the trip went and if her morals were melted. Azel answered back quickly and said he’d be back in touch.

Then I received this follow-up email a couple hours later from Armani Worrell of W. Public Relations.

Hi Chris:

Thank you for your inquiry. You can coordinate with me in regards to booking Azel for the interview. I look forward to corresponding with you.



Booking? Fuck. Off. Both of you. Now either Azel’s entire story was horse shit from the jump and he just needed $300 to go on vacation or Armani convinced this guy he was the next big Internet sensation and needed a PR person. If I cared enough to find out, I’d email Armani back to ask him. Frankly, I don’t give a shit.

The Internet — cranking out brand new douchebags every day since 1995.

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