Someone Made A Rap Song Dedicated To Crossfit And It’s Even Worse Than You Think

There’s only one thing that Crossfitters love more than doing Crossfit, and that’s talking about Crossfit. Third place goes to reading about Crossfit, watching videos on Crossfit gets fourth and the prestigious fifth place goes to rapping about Crossfit.

And yet, for all the passion and chutzpah Crossfitters have towards their sport, you’d think that they’d at least be able to pull off a half-decent rap. Not only are the lyrics bad enough to make you want to put knives through your ears, but the video itself may as well be porn for people who do Crossfit to use to jerk off.

Is it as bad as these top five Crossfit fails? Normally I’d say “No,” but in this case I think the below video needs to be amended to “top six,” as there’s no way this doesn’t deserve a spot in infamy.