Reindeer Fighting A Wolverine In The Middle Of A Norwegian Blizzard Is Better Than MMA

Here we get to see nature at in its rawest form. We’ve got a reindeer and a wolverine fighting in the middle of a snowstorm, on the side of a mountain, somewhere in the countryside of Norway.

I love this video. The only thing this badass clip of a wolverine fighting a reindeer in Norway during a white-out blizzard is missing is the appropriate soundtrack. So, I’ve gone ahead and included Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ in this article by embedding a video below. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to listen to the music and watch this badass animal fight clip at the same time if you’re on a desktop computer. For you mobile bros out there, I apologize.

Also, big shout out to @DavidCovucci for sending me this clip. He knows that I’m a big fan of ‘Nature Is Metal’ style footage and any time he sees a clip he knows I’d enjoy he sends it my way. That’s what bros do, they share good Internet content with their bros and spread the love. If you’ve got something you think I’d enjoy or content that should be shared with the BroBible readers you can always send it to me by hitting me up on Twitter at @casspa, or you can fill out our anonymous ‘TIP OFF‘ form on BroBible by following that link!

Now, here’s that ‘Moonlight Sonata’ for you to play while watching the fight clip above: