Kid ‘Famous’ For Being A Rich Douchebag On Instagram Was Just Arrested For Doing The Dumbest Thing


Remember that kid on Instagram who became notoriously “famous” (I’m using that term very loosely) for being a complete douche? No? Don’t worry, here’s some photo reminders:

If those don’t make you want to strangle babies then I don’t know what will. But don’t worry, Param Sharma, who’s only 18 (kill me now plz) just wound up in jail. Babies everywhere, rejoice.

Param Sharma, 18, who boasted about his wealth on Instagram with pictures of himself with multiple iPhones, was locked up at the Santa Rita jail after being handed a 90-day sentence on August 18.

The Californian, known as ‘Lavish P’, claims it was someone else’s iPhone he was flogging [selling] on the classified ads site Craigslist.

But police said the phone was stolen and Sharma is now unable to cover his $30,000 bond.

Sharma and his attorney Andrew Shalaby claim the teen was selling the phone for a friend and the bond does not match the severity of the crime.

“The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts,” Shalaby told Buzzfeed.
“$30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges.”

And in a bizarre turn of events, Sharma – who uses the Instagram user name ‘It’s Lavish B****’ – reportedly had to spend some of his sentence in a high-security psych ward where someone tried to killed him.

Via Mirror

As of right now Sharma’s attorney has filed an appeal, but there’s no word yet on whether or not he’ll be released any time soon (although I can’t see them holding him for much longer, honestly). You smell that, folks? That’s the sweet smell of karma.

[H/T Mirror, image via Instagram]