Driver Punches Guy On Motorcycle In Road Rage Attack, But Maniac Gets Slammed To The Pavement

We take you to Yuma, Arizona where apparently a motorcycle carrying two people cut off a car, causing the driver to go berserk. The violent road rage incident was captured by a GoPro camera on the motorcyclist’s helmet.

While both drivers are at a red light, the guy in car gets out onto the street, calmly strolls over to the motorcycle and promptly punches him right in the face, which was a tough proposition considering his victim was wearing his helmet.

The road rage maniac then pushes a female, and then throws another punch at the motorcyclist. The guy warns the assailant, “HEY! You better fucking step back right now.” That’s when the aggravated driver then takes another shot at the guy with the camera.

The motorcyclist has had enough and easily tackles the ogre-looking motherfucker onto the pavement. The nutjob then has the audacity to tell the assaulted man that HE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN. What a psychopath.

Gollum’s fat uncle did not go to jail, but he was taken to the hospital with a broken ankle.

In the end, Shrek learns a valuable lesson about fucking with people who are stronger and possibly more sober than him.