5-Star Hotel In China Or Dr. Evil’s Secret Criminal Lair? You Be The Judge…



Construction on the Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel is expected to be completed some time next year, and the hotel will be located in the Songjiang District in western Shanghai City, China. The Chinese hotel’s being called a 5-star luxury resort, but any person with working eyes can see that the hanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel is actually a secret evil lair that will be used by worldwide criminal syndicates such as Spectre and whatever the hell Dr. Evil was running in the Austin Powers franchise.



The resort is being built directly into the side of an old rock quarry in a popular region of China, with many of the hotel’s 380 rooms being located underneath the lake at the bottom of the quarry. Why else would you need luxurious rooms underneath a lake at the bottom of a quarry unless you were meeting about things like overthrowing governments and/or creating a worldwide water/air shortage?



Don’t get me wrong, the Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel looks slick as hell and I want to stay there really, really badly once construction on the hotel is finished, I’m just convinced that the entire project is somehow being funded by some multi-national nefarious organization.

Here’s what Atkins Global (aka SPECTRE?) has to say about this unique construction project on their website:

Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel is located in the western suburbs of Shanghai City – Songjiang District. Songjiang is the birthplace of Shanghai and is historically renowned for the “Jiufeng sanmao-nine peaks and three rivers” in its region. Ranked as the top of the nine peaks, the Tianma Mountain and Heng Mountain are located north and west of the site. The rocks, cliffs and water within the quarry pit resemble the miniature of the greater “Jiufeng sanmao.” The quarry pit is approximately 100m deep, 240m long and 160m wide and forms an inner lake within the pit. A future five star hotel estimated to be completed in 2015 is currently under construction like a shining crystal growing from the quarry stone.

The landscape of the hotel is divided into two parts – the ground level and the open water in the bottom of the pit. The design of the ground level uses lush and mature planting to recreate a picturesque landscape. In addition, a walkway along the perimeter of the quarry will provide guests a closer appreciation of the “forest, mist, water and stone” than viewing from hotel balconies. Cascading water cliff walk and lake-side sunken tea house create intimate experience immersing people in nature.



PokerNews.com adds the following:

Located in a western suburb of Shanghai, this 5-star hotel is scheduled for completion next year and was designed by Atkins Global. It is built into the side of what used to be a rock quarry! It’s 19 stories tall and will feature 380 rooms, including a few floors which will actually be underwater in the lake at the quarry bottom. Two of the hotel’s floors will also rise above the top of the quarry.

A watersports complex will be featured on the bottom floor, and they are somehow planning a cantilevered complex with tennis and basketball courts above the top of the quarry. To top it all off, the entire hotel will be green, with solar and geothermal energy providing much of the power needed for guests.

That certainly sounds like an evil lair to me, it hits on all the main points: stealthy rooms, hidden from the public, completely exorbitant and showy on the inside, ridiculously impractical. I want to hear from you bros though, and whether or not you agree that this is secretly a criminal headquarters. Answers down below in the comments!

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