Scottish Sea Captain Laughs In The Face Of Heavy Seas That Want To Kill Him Dead



Hell hath no fury like an angry ocean. If you’ve never witnessed the fury of an ocean with massive swells, let me tell you what: It’s an experience like no other. When I did Semester At Sea back in 2006, our little old ship, the MV Explorer, got caught in some NASTY heavy seas in the eastern Pacific, just after leaving Kobe, Japan. Swells were over our portholes and you could barely walk anywhere with the ship rolling so much. It was awesome in that it was both terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time.

This Scottish sea captain, though, fears not the ocean’s wrath. He’s like a mix of Groundskeeper Willie and Sea Captain Horatio McCallister from The Simpsons, laughing in the face of a potentially watery grave.