Seth Rogen Is Trying To Save America By Sliding Into Donald Trump Jr’s DMs


One of my favorite all-time Seth Rogen movies is This Is the End. After a month of Donald Trump’s White House, I’m starting to think that movie is more of a prophecy than a work of a deranged stoner mind. Like, if TMZ somehow obtains a pic of Michael Cera doing cocaine in a strip club bathroom while banging¬†a porn star, we might as well just pack it up and wait for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in total anarchy.

Seth Rogen, a lovable Canadian, noticed that Donald Trump Jr. follows him on Twitter. So he did what anyone tries to do in that situation — Slide into his DMs. Except this is for the sake of humanity, not like the time I noticed Kylie Jenner followed the BroBible Twitter for a hot second and I threw out a “tell Tyga we said sup?”

Save us with those”uh-huhhhhhh” laughs, Seth. You and your bong of justice are our only hope.

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