Guy Trying To Show Off At A Construction Site Ends Up Spearing His Genitals Instead

No one likes a show-off. Especially karma. That’s the lesson this poor, poor man in China named Wu Hsing and his genitals found out when he decided to try a little fancy footwork at a construction site in an effort to wow his co-workers.

Leaping from one beam to another during his lunch break Wu Hsing was bragging to his co-workers that he could have been a trapeze artist. Then he slipped.

Take it from here, Cheng Ni, one of the witnesses

“He was showing off his balancing skills and was doing a pretty good job until he missed his footing and slipped. When he landed, he let out a howl of such pain I thought the steel rod had gone right inside. Mind you what had happened was bad enough. I looked down and saw him sitting on the ground with this huge pole sticking out of his trousers. There was a lot of blood and he was very pale, sitting and staring at it.”

Did you cringe reading that? Because I cringed a whole lot.

Paramedics eventually relieved Wu Hsing from his predicament by sawing off the top and bottom of the steel rod then taking him to the hospital… with the rod still, umm, implanted.

He is reportedly recovering in a hospital after surgeons removed the rest of the rod. A hospital spokesman says it’s too soon to know whether he’ll regain use of his goods.

Here’s the photo that the Mirror tweeted. If you want the NSFLife version of the pics, just click here and godspeed.

Man cringing image by Shutterstock