This Bro Would Be King Of The Lot If He Did His Sick Longboarding Tricks Outside A Disco Biscuits Show

This dude’s tricks are freakin’ rad. Too bad he’s in Europe and not back here in America. He could really carve out a niche for himself in the jamband scene. Like… I genuinely think he’d be the king of the lot if he did this outside a Disco Biscuit’s show. I have the best mental image of him doing longboard kickflips between unshowered custies sucking nitrus straight out of the tank. All the kids in cargo shorts and flat brims with bandanas tied around their necks would be like “wooooah, that kid has skills” between mondo vape hits.

All I’m saying, bro, is if you want to come to Camp Bisco with me I’ll totally buy your ticket if you let me film your longboard tricks around the festival for three straight days.