Hey, Wanna See A Snake Barf Up An Entire Antelope? Well, You’re In Luck!

Here’s a video of a snake barfing up an entire antelope.

According to Insider, “Snakes can take up to three weeks to digest food. Sometimes they’ll regurgitate their meal as a defense mechanism.”

What a great skill. Dude gets in your grill and you shower him in your breakfast burrito / pasta dinner. Kinda crazy to think that if the snake doesn’t throw up he’ll die. I’ve definitely swallowed two to three vom-bombs to save face in a bar. If I were a snake, I’d be slithering in reptile hell.

Snakes are just like us! They throw up and fart underwater. Except I’ve never been trapped inside my own shed skin for 3 hours, but you never know, there are still a couple more weeks left in Summer.

Quick question: If you walked into your house and saw two snakes doing it, would you watch?

Is this vomit vid more or less disturbing than a snake having a seizure on the side of the road like someone let the air out of a cartoon balloon? Okay, cool. What about this guy shoving snakes up his nose?

Would’ve loved to see this antelope shake off the snake spit and belly juices and prance away, but don’t think that’s in the cards. Gotta be hard for this antelope’s family to watch this. But, how else can you get closure?

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