Society, Please Don’t Let This Be The Next Dumb Viral Fad For People To Do At Walmart

There’s been some pretty fucking stupid fads that have gone viral on the internet over the past couple years including planking (That shit was straight-up corny), owling (What a fucking waste of time), coning (I kinda liked that one), car surfing (What a dumb way to die) and Batmanning (I hope all the blood goes to your head and you pass out and fall), so this video seems to really fit the profile of an idiotic fad. The gentleman visits a Walmart where he dons a helmet from the sports department and then he sprints for about 50-feet and then jumps into a display of various bags of snack foods. It’s kinda like the Lambeau Leap, but he’s not a member of the Green Bay Packers, he’s in a Walmart and not Lambeau Field, and he jumps into bags of deep-fried starches instead of a crowd of adoring fans. So actually, it’s really nothing like the Lambeau Leap. Now some under-appreciated Walmart employee has to clean up 300 bags of crushed Lays potato chips and the worst part is that I’ll probably grab the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that has been crushed into dust.

You can forward to the 55-second mark if you’d like to skip all of the pomp and circumstance of the pre-jump twerking.

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