Drug Runners Unload Boat Full Of Weed Onto A Crowded Beach In Broad Daylight, Are Above The Law

This video was taken in the middle of the day, on a crowded Tonelero Beach, La Linea de Concepción, Spain. Apparently the drug dealers in Spain aren’t even slightly concerned these days with law enforcement, because they casually drive their drug running vessel right up to the shore, unload a metric ass ton of drugs, and drive away like nothing happened.

According to Spanish VICE, the ‘drugs’ they were delivering on Tenelero Beach was marijuana, so I have trouble even referring to it as ‘drugs’ given that there’s a global movement towards legalization, and embracing the healing properties of cannabis. That said, it’s still illegal in Spain, and what these drug runners were doing was a pretty egregious breach of the law. What blows my mind is how casual everyone is watching this exchange of massive amounts of marijuana happen. Like, they’re straight chilling and their sun time cannot be interrupted by the fact that some drug dingo’s just ran up on the beach.

On the beachs of Spain, the weed cometh:

And the weed runners goeth:

Kids running everywhere, none the wiser. Priceless.

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