You Need To Start Taking Cold Showers Because They Will Change Your Life And Transform You Into A Superhero

I’m a cold shower convert. Someone who is used to showering with warm water for the past two decades of his life but has been won over by cold showers in the past year. Taking cold showers is one of the best habits you can acquire to improve your quality of life (along with a regular workout schedule, balanced diet and frequent orgasms). It’s time to upgrade your shower game so here’s what this little-known hack can do for you.

You will feel totally refreshed, energized and ALIVE

A cold shower before starting your day is the kick in the butt needed to get going. Once you step out of the shower, you’ll feel ready to take on the world and win at life. In addition, you will get your blood pumping and lungs working. The feeling is simply incredible. Say goodbye to grogginess without a triple shot of espresso.

You will be happier

Happiness can be a complicated thing. But cold showers are a sure-fire way to get an instant mood boost. Because hello endorphins and noradrenaline! (Hormones linked with improved mood) Not convinced? Try it the next time your girlfriend rejects your request for morning sex.

You will be healthier

Some studies have found that daily cold showers strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of disease-fighting white blood cells. Which means lesser chance of catching the nasty H5N1, Ebola or whatever bug threatening to invade your natural protection mechanism.

You learn to be mentally stronger

The elite warriors of Sparta used to bathe in ice cold water as a form of mental training. You can do it too. You have to build your physical tolerance and mental resilience progressively. Tip for getting started: try showering normally and only turn the water cold for a short period (say, 10 seconds) at the end. But once you adapt to this routine, you find that you’re able to force yourself to do something that you KNOW will be unpleasant. That’s willpower.

Your mind will be clear and your creativity will spike

I take a cold shower to clear my mind before I get any work done. I also find that it helps me tremendously if I need to work on some sort of creative task. For example, coming up with nonsense (like this) to keep you entertained and informed. As a college student, I regularly map out entire academic essays mentally during cold showers too. Not kidding.

It’s great for your hormones

Studies have shown that cold showers increase testosterone levels. This is especially crucial if you’re a guy. If you’re a lady, testosterone is also vital for sex drive. So tell your girlfriend to hop onto this bandwagon too. You can search through the tons of scientific literature out there or you can just trust my experience. Higher-T also means better muscle gains and fat loss. As a bonus, the cold water can assist in recovery so I definitely recommend a cold shower after your tough gym session.

Burns calories

Not only will you find yourself recovering faster after a gruelling workout, cold showers spike your metabolism by forcing your body to regulate the body temperature. This allows you to burn a few more calories. Which is better than nothing, but at least it’s free. If it’s free, it’s good.

You might even save time & money if it’s cold enough to make you wanna get the hell out ASAP

I turn off the heater and put the temperature setting to the coldest possible. Doesn’t stop me from taking my own sweet time though. At least it saves on electricity (heating). If you do get out faster, that saves time and water. Win-win.


With that said, the only exception is when showering before bed. A warm shower puts you to sleep faster because when you step out of the shower into your cooler bedroom, your body temperature drops. This slows down your metabolic functions and signals to your body that it’s snooze time.

ALSO: If you have high blood pressure – take note that low temperatures may constrict your blood vessels, leading to a rise in blood pressure. So it’s probably not wise to go apeshit gung-ho and soak yourself in a tub of ice or something without consulting your doctor.