These Are The States Where Your Money Will Go Farthest And It’s Time To Start Planning That Move To Mississippi

It should be obvious to everyone that it’s just cheaper to live in some states. It’s usually dependent on the offerings of each state. California is expensive because of the weather. New York is expensive because people are crazy. New Jersey is expensive because of its proximity to crazy and beaches. Alabama is cheaper because Alabama.

The Tax Foundation released a map showing the relative value of $100 in every state, compared with the national average. Here’s the “bang for your buck” of each state.

Long story short — don’t move anywhere north of New York, avoid D.C. and stay away from anywhere that’s constantly warm or borders an ocean. Stick to places like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and any state from North Dakota straight down to Oklahoma. DON’T go to Hawaii unless it’s for vacation.

And avoid Wyoming. Those people are dicks.

[via SF Gate]

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