Unbelievably Dumb Stoner Trades A $160K Diamond For A Gram Of Weed


ABC 15

20-year-old Walter Earl Morrison did not get his money’s worth when he committed quite the crime.

A UPS employee at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ, Morrison lifted a diamond worth $160,000 from a package.

Did he trade that diamond for an equivalent amount of cash or drugs or booze or sex?

No, no. Morrison did not do that. He traded the stone for $20 of weed. A gram. Or $159,980 less than what he could have gotten for the diamond.

I don’t necessarily blame him. I couldn’t unload a hot diamond. I would have no idea who to call. But I wouldn’t steal one in the first place. Let this be a reminder: Always plan your crimes through to the finish.

Morrison was charged with a felony. Still, man. Caught or not, think how much sex he could have gotten for that rock from just one hooker. Waste.

The diamond was returned to its rightful owner.

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