Bro Move Of The Year? Total Stranger Changes A Single Mom’s Life Completely With An EXTREMELY Generous Tip

by 3 years ago
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One man, a total stranger, completely changed a homeless single mom’s life with the giant tip he left her at her job. And this isn’t the first time he’s done something so generous either.

Earlier this month a man visited a Denny’s in Utah and asked specifically if he could be waited on by a single mother. What happened next will restore your faith in humanity.

The man, who was seated in a single mom named Crystal’s section, sat there for two hours. Seven families came into the restaurant and each time he paid their bills for them. Then, after running up a bill of just $21.34 for himself he left the waitress a tip of $1,500.

What he didn’t know was that Crystal was living in a homeless shelter with her son, trying to save up enough money to get her own place. This tip made that possible.

Here’s the post from Facebook that went viral thanks to just how inspiring the story is…

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