Ninth Grade Student Body Slams Teacher For Confiscating His Phone

This physics teacher learned a harsh lesson about confiscating students’ phones.

We take you to John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson, New Jersey where a 62-year-old teacher was attacked by his 16-year-old student because he took his cellphone away. The angry high school freshman student slammed the teacher to the ground after his teacher took his phone for using it during class.

It’s unfortunate that the teacher was so afraid to lose his job that he did not defend himself. He just stood there as the kid aggressively wrestles with him, throws him into a desk and then grabs his neck and body slams him to the ground.

Onlooking ninth grade students tried to calm the kid down, but it did nothing to quell the attack. Students rushed out of the classroom to notify security.

The student has since been suspended and also been charged with assault.

Doesn’t seem like playing one more round of Fruit Ninja was worth attacking your your teacher and getting arrested.