Students Make Their High School Great Again By Plastering 1,000 Photos Of Donald Trump On Walls

For their senior prank these ambitious students made their high school great again by covering the halls of their learning institution with 1,000 posters of Donald Trump.

Redditor maccyd was ready for any repercussions for his actions.

UPDATE: Principal is on the lookout for the great masterminds. If we go down, we go down with pride. MAGA.

See this here, this is a great prank. It has all the properties of a stupendous practical joke; 1.) Nobody Gets Hurt, 2.) It Doesn’t Destroy Property, 3.) If You Get Caught The Worst That Could Happen Is A Night In Jail and 4.) It Annoys The Fuck Out Of Multiple People. I guess someone could get hurt from this prank, they could be triggered from the mere image of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate. I mean if chalk caused such “outrage” at college campuses across this great nation during “The Chalkening,” then I would not be shocked if high school students were forced into tears by the scary Donald Trump.