Watch This F-14 Tomcat Break The Sound Barrier In The Greatest Fly By You’ll Ever See

It’s not exactly easy for a jet pilot to time the precise distance until he’ll get up to speed and break the sound barrier, but it appears that this pilot did just that. He managed to be breaking the sound barrier at the EXACT moment he passed by this aircraft carrier, yet from the crew’s reaction you’d never know it.

While this is certainly one of the quickest fly by’s ever shot, it’s easily one of the most badass because of that ‘ol sound barrier thing. You NEVER see it happen at the exact moment it’s supposed to.

Suddenly I’m all warm and fuzzy inside with the voice of Charlie Day singing ‘Rock, Flag, and Eagle’ and have the desire to go America all over anyone’s ass who gets in my way. A little something like this, actually:


Let’s watch that jet go supersonic once more, shall we?

Just look at the faces of those sailors, it’s as if they’ve seen nothing at all. How do you not get jacked up over that?!