These Badass Surfer Bros Shredding Waves Indoor In LED-Lit Waves Look Like They’re Surfing Through Another Galaxy

by 3 years ago

I think the drugs kicked in.

Just when I thought that shredding ominous waves on LED-lit boards in the dead of night was the coolest surf footage I’d see, dudes are now surfing through multi-colored LED-lit waves.

These bros legit look like they’re surfing through another galaxy and I’m so onboard with it (good pun, Matt. You’re doing well.) This amazing video is brought to you by the surf technology innovators at Wavegarden, the team that recently brought surfing to landlocked Austin, Texas.

According to VICE,

The underwater lights are placed strategically in the pool to illuminate the waves in such a way that surfers can see the wave approaching and gain a better sense of the wave’s texture and scale. Not to mention, the lights make the space look like an underwater fairytale.

I want to try! Just gotta learn how to swim first.

[h/t For the Win]

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