Taco Bell Is Making Cap’N Crunch Donut Holes And I MUST HAVE THEM NOW

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.31.52 PM


Oh. MY. GOD. I’ve never craved a silly mutant breakfast food more than the donuts the stoner mad scientists at Taco Bell are concocting in their marijuana-fueled food labs. Apparently Taco Bell is creating what Food Beast is calling “fast food cereal”: Cap’N Crunch Donut Holes, with what looks like funfetti all over the outside. I haven’t wanted breakfast at Taco Bell so badly since David smoked a bunch of weed and crashed their press tasting in NYC last March.

According to Food Beast, it’s filled with cereal milk icing (OMG OMG OMG WANT 10 IN MY STOMACH NOW). It will be served all day as a breakfast/dessert, so you can fill your craving when you’re baked out of your gourd on at Taco Bell run at 2 AM. As of right now, they’re only being sold in Bakersfield, California, so if you’re driving from L.A. to Tahoe any time soon, you know where to stop.

Sets of two are going for $1 and a dozen for $4.99, according to Food Beast. I’VE NEVER WANTED SOMETHING MORE.