Watch The Exact Moment A Car Gets Blown Away By A Tornado And Cross Your Fingers This Never Happens To You

Last weekend parts of China and Taiwan were plagued with tornadoes in the wake of Typhoon Soudelor, the recent super storm that passed through the area. These tornadoes were popping up quickly and indiscriminately destroying homes, crops, and lives.

The footage you can see below is absolutely bonkers, in it a small-ish tornado pops up out of nowhere and takes a small car within its grips, throws that car to the horizon and then out of nowhere there’s just a person sitting in the street holding her/his legs? Like I said, this footage is NUTS:

What sticks with me the most about this video is just how quickly all hell breaks loose and then how quickly everything returns to normal. There was no advanced warning, just BOOM! Now your car’s stuck inside a tornado, and now there’s someone sitting in the street fearing for their life. Here’s that short clip of mayhem once more in animated GIF:

Scary, scary stuff. TheWeatherNetwork reports that this took place in the city of Tainan, Taiwan, and it is not clear as to whether or not the person sitting in the middle of the road after the vehicle is taken by the tornado came from that car, or if the people in the white car survived this ordeal. For more information on this insane storm you can follow the link above!