Two Bros Taste Test Hangover Cures From All Across The Planet And Germany’s Is Horrifying

Hangovers weren’t really a problem for me back during freshmen year of college. Sure, I’d get one every now and then that’d keep me out of commission until the early afternoon but I’d always be able to rally by the time the bars opened. Now? I’ve fell face first into some hangovers that had me Googling ‘IV fluids home delivery’.

I’ve never believed in those pre-drinking supplements that supposedly stave off hangovers because I had a Chem professor in college that spend an entire lecture teaching us how they were bullshit. For me, the only way to avoid a hangover is chugging water while drinking and unfortunately I don’t always have the presence of mind to do so while I’m cracking cold ones with my boys.

Thankfully, I have found some solace in Pho. Over the past few months that has been my go-to hangover cure. Back in college is was Panamanian Sancocho which is basically Chicken Soup on steroids (recipe here). After watching this clip from First We Feast, I’m wondering just how in the shit there are so many asinine hangover cures in the world when some hangover cures out there taste so darn good.

Seriously, what in the shit is wrong with Germany and their fishy rollmops?! Pickled herring rolled up with a savory filling…I legitimately cannot imagine something that’d be less appetizing when I’m hungover than rank ass fish filled with a savory substance and green olive stuffed with pimento. Am I wrong with thinking that sounds like living hell during a hangover?

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