Teacher Live-Tweets His Existential Crisis After No Students Show Up For His Class And It’s Glorious

by 1 year ago


As a teacher, having zero students show up to your scheduled class must be the equivalent to no one showing up to your 8th birthday party. Except at least for the birthday party, you get to keep all the goodie bags and you can take out your frustration on the piñata while tears roll down your cheeks. As a teacher, all you can do is sit there with your thoughts and hate yourself for spending $100,000 to get your Masters degree for little shits who would rather play Pokemon Go than learn about isosceles triangles.

Teacher Adam Heath Avitable felt that life-reevaluating rejection after not one student showed up for his Algebra class. Lucky for us, he live tweeted his agony and it has gone viral. Nothing turns a teacher from a zero to a hero like going viral. It’s all uphill from here, Adam. Only because you couldn’t get any lower.

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