Teacher Pummeled In Front Of Students By Woman Claiming She Banged Her Husband, Nobody Helps

by 3 years ago
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Aaand everyone just stare. She must have hit them with a pop quiz that day or something. Regardless, I would not want to be in this class if a school shooter barged in. Zero heroes.

At the very least, this group of school kids in Mexico provided us with an entertaining piece of footage of Laelia Paredes Flores brutally attacking teacher Marcella Villalpando for allegedly sleeping with her husband.

One student reports:

“The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor.

That’s when I ran to get help. (Sure ya did, pal)

But when other teachers came, they just stood around watching.

It was really terrible, terrible.”

Sooooo, I guess there’s no homework?

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