Teen Finds HUGE Diamond On The Ground At Arkansas State Park, Could Be Worth $$$$

If you weren’t already aware, there’s a state park in Southern Arkansas where you can go and find diamonds just sitting on the ground. Seriously. You don’t have to travel to some remote mine in the jungle like Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond, you can just hop in your car and drive on over to Arkansas.

Crater of Diamonds State Park has yielded some huuuuge finds in recent years. This week a 14-year-old dude discovered the 7th largest diamond ever found at Crater of Diamonds State Park (the park opened in 1972). Kalel Langford was only in the park for 30 minutes when he stumbled onto the find of a lifetime, a 7.77-carat brown diamond, the largest brown diamond found in almost 40 years.

If the diamond looks weird to you it’s because it is a rare brown diamond:

Kalel was walking near the East Drain, in the southern portion of the park’s diamond search area, when he spotted the shiny, dark brown gem. He explained, “It was just a few inches from a stream of water, with a bunch of other rocks that were about the same size.”
He picked up the gem and called to his dad Craig Langford, who was searching nearby. According to Craig Langford, “We had only been at the park for about 30 minutes when he found it. Its color was so dark that we weren’t sure if it was a diamond, but we knew we needed to have it looked at.” The family stopped by the Diamond Discovery Center to have their finds identified before leaving the park, and Kalel was shocked to learn he had found one of the biggest diamonds in the park’s history.
Park Interpreter Waymon Cox noted, “Conditions were ideal for Kalel to find his diamond. About an inch of rain fell on the plowed search area during the week. A heavy rain can uncover larger diamonds near the surface. Diamonds have a metallic-looking shine and are often easier to spot on top of the ground.” via Arkansas State Parks

Kalel was in Arkansas for a baseball tournament when he and his family decided to hit the State Park full of diamonds, and his life might never be the same. He’s already named his diamond the ‘Superman Diamond’, and he says he’ll keep it as a souvenir but I have a feeling that Kalel will change his tune once he realizes how much $$$$$ it could potentially be worth.

As noted on Grind TV, a similar diamond found in 2015, an 8.52-carat diamond was cut into a triolette shape to form a 4.6-carat diamond. That finished diamond was valued at an astounding $500,000.

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(h/t GrindTV)

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