Watch The Tense Moment 34 Women And Children Escape From ISIS After Being Held As Slaves

Channel 4 Dispatches filmed the dramatic moment when 34 people, mainly women and children, escaped the grip of ISIS in Northern Iraq after being held as slaves for eight months.

According to The Independent, in August 2014 the area was attacked by ISIS, killing hundreds and capturing over 3,000 Yazidi women and young girls, amounting to the largest kidnapping of its kind this century. Once under their control, ISIS made many convert to Islam.

Via The Independent:

Channel 4’s new programme, Escape from Isis, follows Khaleel, a local lawyer, who has formed a local team that attempts to get all the women safely back and the team was given unprecedented access to the front lines of this mission. During the filming, the Dispatches team witnessed the biggest rescue so far when 34 Yazidis managed to escape Isis and walked across miles of Isis-controlled territory.

Khaleel and his team lost contact with the group for two days, instilling the fear that they may have been caught and inevitably killed.

Six weeks after the rescue, Khaleel had been told that ISIS massacred a portion of the town where the fugitives had fled. Fucking animals.

Hopefully, relief is on it’s way as Rambo is set to hunt ISIS in the final installment of the Rambo series. Sure, it’s fictional, but no chance ISIS doesn’t shit their pants when they see Stallone in action.

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