Texas Lawmaker Introduces A Bill To Fine Men $100 For Masturbating… To Make A Great Point

Sadly, there’s an unfair war being waged against a female reproductive rights in many chambers of government power right now. Many of the people authoring said bills against abortion and other forms of birth control are men, so one Texas lawmaker is shooting back with a taste of their own medicine. Texas State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) is the author of a bill that would create similar pro-life hoops for men, specifically for masturbating. via The Texas Tribune:

That’s why the the Houston Democrat on Friday filed House Bill 4260, which would fine men $100 for masturbating and create a required booklet for men with medical information related to the benefits and concerns of a man seeking a vasectomy, a Viagra prescription or a colonoscopy. The bill would also let doctors invoke their “personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs” in refusing to perform an elective vasectomy or prescribe Viagra, among other proposed requirements in the bill.

In proposing a fine for masturbation, Farrar says that if a man’s semen is not used to create a pregnancy, “then it’s a waste … because that semen can be used — and is to be used — for creating more human life.”

Farrar continued: “Men have to answer for their actions and so forth. So if there’s going to be an emission, it would have to be done in a hospital where the semen could be preserved for future pregnancies or it would be directly deposited into the vagina of a woman.”

Obviously this is satirical and stands no chance of actually being passed into law. That said, she has a great point about the hypocrisy of male elected officials passing laws that restrict female access to basic reproductive health care, especially when it comes to family planning.

[H/T: Death & Taxes]

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