Watch The Ocean Wreck A Couple Fools Stupid Enough To Get Near It During A Storm

by 4 years ago

Look, motherfuckers. How many times do I have to tell you not to mess with the ocean?

A retired couple this week decided to mess with the ocean and it damn near killed ’em.

A storm named Imogen is currently battering France and England, bringing with it a vicious storm surge and waves up to 60 feet high.

Sounds like something you would not want to fuck with, no?

That’s because you are smart. This couple and a friend didn’t feel that way and decided to get near the ocean in the south of France. The ocean immediately sucks one of them in, as the ocean does, then tosses around the other who went in after.

Their friend tries to help as the waves recede, but then they all get pulled down.

The three were eventually okay, but let them serve a lesson to everyone: Don’t fuck with the ocean.

[Via NY Post]

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