A Scientist, Sprinter, And Sumo Wrestler All Try To Cross A Gigantic Sticky Fly Trap…R.I.P. Body Hair

Sumo wrestlers don’t really have body hair to begin with, not that I’m super familiar with the physique of professional sumo wrestlers, but I don’t recall ever seeing a hairy ass sumo wrestler on TV or in the movies before. Still though, any body hair that dude had is GONE after falling shirtless onto what appears to be the stickiest damn fly paper in the history of mankind. Also, is it just me or was that scientist not very smart? Sure, there are stupid scientists in the world but I think the assumption here was the scientist is intimately familiar with adhesive used on these fly traps because he and his fellow lab coat wearing scientists were dicking around with it before the three men tried to run across the fly trap.

I have a feeling that if that sumo wrestler would’ve been wearing some protective clothing then he’d likely have had the best results of the three men. Methinks that his shortcomings were due to poor preparation and distaste for cotton on his nips. Seriously, sumo bro, cotton on your nips feels a shit ton better than this:

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(via r/videos)