Party Like Its 1992 Because Crystal Pepsi Is Coming BACK To Fulfill All Of Your Nostalgic Urges


We’ve simply run out of ideas. So the new philosophy is to take something that did well 20 years ago and recycle the crap out of it. The 90s sitcom Full House has returned as Fuller House on Netflix. They have made the 1996 movie Fargo into a hit TV show. The X-Files has been resurrected from the dead in a new series. There is a Saved By The Bell restaurant. There is not only an eight-hour documentary about O.J. Simpson, but also a hit mini-series. So why stop at entertainment? Why not soda? Behold, Crystal Pepsi is returning!

If you remember Crystal Pepsi then your childhood was awesome and your parents probably didn’t care about your teeth rotting or giving you type 1 diabetes.

Your favorite caramel colorless soft drink from back in the day will be available in the U.S. on August 8th, Canadians get their Crystal Pepsi fun on July 11th. The release is expected to be a limited-time affair, but no details were given, so stock the fuck up.

If Crystal Pepsi isn’t the retro drink for you, remember that Ecto Cooler also made a comeback this year.

The rebirth of Crystal Pepsi can be tracked back to 2013 when YouTuber L.A. Beast drank a 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi that he purchased off of eBay. It went as well as you would think drinking 20-year-old soda would go, he puked everywhere.

His retched vomit was worth it because the video went viral to the tune of 14 million views.

Pepsi contacted L.A. Beast last June.

Finally, a year later, like a Phoenix rising from an inferno, Crystal Pepsi is returning!

And nobody has to puke. Thanks L.A. Beast.