World’s Laziest Time Warner Cable Guy Lays A Cable Right In The Middle Of This Poor Man’s Lawn

Is there an industry more loathed by the public than cable companies? They are traditionally THE WORST for a number of reasons, most of which is a stunning of mix of consumer price gouging and general ineptitude. When I think about how much of my monthly paycheck goes to Time Warner just so I can watch sports from the comfort of my living room couch, my blood starts to boil with rage.

This neighbor documented an all-time lazy move from a Time Warner cable guy. When his neighbor switched providers, Time Warner ran a wire across his lawn. Didn’t bury it. Didn’t run it across the customer’s lawn. Just did the laziest thing possible by running the wire across the neighbor’s lawn.

Sure looks like he’s going to be firing up the lawn mower soon. Hope it’s not while his neighbor’s in the middle of a YouPorn spank sesh. That’d be a buzzkill.