This Winter Will Kick Your Ass If You Let It–Here’s How To Stop That From Happening

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It’s coming, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even though the first day of Winter isn’t officially until December 21st, the cold weather’s already ripping in. We saw it last weekend up at Foxboro before the Broncos vs. Pats, snow covering the field.

The cold weather, shorter days, back-to-back-to-back expensive holidays…it’s all going to pile on before you know it. And if you’re like me, and aren’t really in to planning ahead at all, each year Winter catches you off guard. But there’s a few things you can do this winter to make sure it doesn’t fuck up your year, your bank account, or your body..and that’s what we’re going to talk about real quick today.

1. Holidays get expensive, you should get creative

Thanksgiving’s the first major holiday of the cold weather seasons, followed by Christmas, then almost immediately New Year’s Eve/Day, and several weeks later you’re hit with Valentine’s Day.

All of this, back-to-back-to-back-to-back while you’re trying to plan a badass Spring Break. So what do you do? Thanksgiving typically requires some measure of price-gouging travel (flights, hotels), then the night before Thanksgiving’s the biggest drinking day of the year. After that you’ve got a month to get all your Christmas/Chanukah shopping done, then you’re breaking the break on some sort of New Year’s Eve blowout, and Valentine’s Day is a wild card.

So just plan ahead. It sounds overly simplistic, but do that shit. With Thanksgiving you do NOT need five pies, you don’t. And you don’t need to be eating that much either, but that rant will come later. Just make cuts where you can. Offer up to be the DD the night before Thanksgiving if you’re worried about your finances. Take public transit if you can instead of flying, money that can later be spent on New Year’s Eve.

For Christmas/Chanukah, get imaginative. I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, you have 49 days until Christmas Eve. Start thinking of shit that’s not expensive, but somehow meaningful. You know those people you’re buying gifts for and what they like/dislike. It doesn’t have to be a bank buster for that person to like it. Just use your damn head.

New Year’s Eve, well it’s almost always a let down. Go to a house party, throw a party yourself and invite the guests to BYOB. If you spend a shit ton on a club you’re going to be disappointed.

Valentine’s Day can get tricky. Often it’s not up to you to choose what you’ll be doing, but if you have the option stay at home and cook a badass meal. Hit up the seafood market in Chinatown (that’s what I did last year) and those lobsters will cost 1/4th of what they will at Whole Foods. And you look like a baller for making this incredible meal. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, so like I said before: PLAN AHEAD.

These Holidays Will Make You FAT, And You CANNOT Be Fat For Spring Break

The first rule of Spring Break is ‘thou shall keepest thy body tight and shredded.’ Don’t you break that fucking rule because it’ll ruin your Spring Break. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, even Valentine’s Day to a certain degree, all of these holidays have a major component of gluttony and hedonism. You eat until you can eat anymore, you fuckin’ party your ass off until you’re stuck with a three-day hangover.

Well, I’m not saying hold back on any of those holidays, but I AM saying that you need to balance that all with the most intense gym sessions of the year.

I know I keep harping on this, but you need REALLY need to PLAN AHEAD and hit the gym harder than ever this Winter to ensure come Spring Break time you’re not looking like you just spend November through March eating buffalo wings and drinking.

Some exercises/routines to consider this Winter to ensure you don’t let it all slip:

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The Cold Weather Is Going To Wreak Havoc On Your Skin

Growing up on the beaches of Florida the ONLY skincare I ever had to worry about was sunscreen, and even with that it took me years to come around to using it on my own. My parents made applying sunscreen into an obnoxious chore that as a young child I came to hate, so when I came of age and began hitting the beach on my own I said fuck it, and didn’t apply sunscreen. Then I encountered several bouts with sun poisoning to the point of skin blisters and fever, and realized I’m an absolute moron and will have to contend with skin cancer in my future.

Needless to say when I moved to NYC the better part of a decade ago, and experienced my first Winter, I was SHOCKED by the dry climate.

But then A few years ago I had the privilege of eating dinner with Tony Sosnick, the founder of ‘Anthony Logistics For Men,’ (now known just as ‘Anthony’) a skincare company focused on creating skin care products by men, for men, borrowed by women. At that dinner (which took place mid-Winter) my skin was dry, cracked, and pretty much looking like shit…AND I really had no idea, because I grew up never using any sort of a moisturizer, because it wasn’t part of my life down in Florida. At that Dinner Tony looked at me and spat off: you should really be using X, Y, Z, and I assume you’re already using A, B, and C as a necessity, right? To which I’m all ‘uhh, yup, I promise, just hungover and that’s why I look like shit.’

That night he sent me home with a bag full of ‘Anthony’ products, from various moisturizers to eye care to rejuvenation elixirs, and even anti-aging creams. I looked at the products I’d received and immediately decided it was all voo-doo. Then, I started using them. And no shit, I actually managed to look like a normal human being in the dog days of Winter. Somehow in February my skin wasn’t cracked, looking like a crackhead, and terribly pale. From then on I was a believer.

Treat your skin well throughout Winter, don’t let the cold winds defeat you, and you’re going to bag more tail. You’re not going to let the Arctic chill turn you into some dude looking like he just came back from an expedition to the North Pole.

My suggestions for you if you’ve never used any sort of skincare products and are looking to keep your skin fresh this winter:

SPF + Moisturizer (UV-rays don’t disappear in Winter Bros)
Lip Balm
Facial Cleanser
And this ‘Wake Up Call’ That Makes You Look Normal When You’re Hungover As Hell

…or you can decide on a skin care regiment for yourself, because you’re obviously not me. Chances are you aren’t afflicted with freckled Scotch-Irish skin and need to choose your own products, but in choosing your own regiment you can START HERE for some helpful tips from Anthony Sosnick.

And there you have it bros, you’re now armed with a few tips and tricks to navigate the impending winter full of endless Polar Vortices and Nor’easters. Just BUDGET, PLAN AHEAD, and TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY…and come Spring Break you’re life won’t be in shambles.

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