Turns Out Tony Blair Was George Bush’s Ride Or Die Chick On The Iraq War

George W. Bush And Tony Blair Meet In Washington

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In the early 2000s, needing to invade an enemy country under the pretext of freeing people inside, one man turned to his partner in the endeavor — which they both knew was going to end in a tremendously high body count — and said, “We ride together. We die together. Bad boys for life. We just got to do it ourselves.”

Pop Quiz Time!

Was that:

A. A scene from Michael Bay’s explosive, but utterly preposterous sequel Bad Boys II, where Mike Lowery promised Marcus Burnett he was with him no matter what on their absurd plan to sneak into Cuba to free Marcus’s sister Syd from the clutches of Johnny Tapia?


B. Former British prime minister Tony Blair telling George W. Bush he had his back on the Iraq War.

Ha. Trick question. The answer is both.

The British just released an investigation into their government’s role in the Iraq War, and it is scathing. From CNN:

The findings of the 2.6 million-word Iraq Inquiry — widely known as the Chilcot report, for probe chairman John Chilcot — were released after Chilcot delivered a statement in London Wednesday.

He said that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein posed “no imminent threat” when the U.S-led invasion was launched in March 2003, and that while military action against him “might have been necessary at some point,” the “strategy of containment” could have continued for some time.

The report goes on to detail how Britain charged headfirst into the conflict without pursuing other strategies.

Released as part of the report were some of Blair’s correspondence with Bush before the invasion. One is particularly damning.

“I will be with you, whatever,” Blair wrote, which given the Iraq War was based on one man’s vendetta against the tyrant who ordered a hit on his father, you start to wonder if the whole damn wasn’t scripted by Michael Bay.

You can read the full letter here, and excerpts from the Chilcot report here.

Ride or Die.

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