OFF-ROAD MVP: Toyota Land Cruiser Chugs Across A River Like A Boss

There’s not a road in the world the Toyota Land Cruiser can’t conquer. At an MSRP of $85,000, it’s Toyota’s most iconic off-roading SUV beast, even though sales of the 4-Runner here in the United States greatly surpass it. It’s used to get from point A to point B in some of the most remote corners of the earth.

For example, the Margaret River in the Northern Territory of Australia. Look at it on Google Maps. Not a whole lot of marked roads around it:


That’s satellite phone country right there.

Back in January a group of off-roaders reached deep water that only the bravest would try to forge. So they did what true off-roaders do: Chug right on through it. The engine of the Land Cruiser was completely submerged and the cab started taking on water, but they managed to power right through it.

The GoPro footage from the dashboard is wild. Bless those snorkel kits.

Side note: I just spent a couple days getting dirty in the Tacoma in the Northern Arizona desert. Maybe you caught it on our Instagram or Snapchat over the weekend. Apropos of nothing, but shout out to all the drivers at Vegas Off Road Experience, the savages that live on the Tacoma World Forums who taught me a lot about off-roading (I’ll never keep traction control on again while driving on a dirt road in my life), and the wonders of Toyota’s ridiculous crawl-control feature. I’ll have more about the Hotel Tacoma experience a little bit later this week.