This Tricked Out 1982 Mercedes Benz With TV’s As Headlights And Rappers Airbrushed On It Is Everything

Do you realize that Pimp My Ride hasn’t been on TV in eight whole years? That’s right the last episode aired on May 24, 2007. But don’t tell this dude. He’s still tricking out crappy jalopies like it’s 2002.

Sure Pimp My Ride may have been a little misleading because they took back the high end equipment right after taping the show, but who cares it was entertaining as all hell and they weren’t taking a 54-inch plasma out of my 1987 Geo Metro so fuck’em. Irregardless, this gentleman is starting a renaissance of tricking out shitmobiles.

This 1982 Mercedes Benz was so basic, it had one color for the paint job, not one television and only had six measly speakers. That was before all of these tremendous improvements by the Crunkman went down. Now this vehicle boasts televisions in the headlights, a sweet new paint job featuring rappers, 20-inch rims, amps, five decks, a booming system, speakers, speakers, speakers and a Club steering wheel lock.

Maybe you’re at home asking, “But if you have a television in the grill, why would you need two TV’s in the headlights?” Because he fucking can that’s why!

No disrespect to Xzibit, but this guy is gets me excited to see a lemon get transformed into a lemon that has a shit-ton of TV’s and speakers.

The Mercedes had a value of $5,995, but thanks to all of these upgrades, the new value is… $0 because it’s not street legal. Despite the allure of having televisions for headlights, it turns out that it’s not particularly safe. Whatever hater, at least now I can sit on a dirty road and watch Furious 7 on these 10-inch headlights.