These Teens Are Making Thousands Of Dollars A Day In The Least Likely Of Places: Tumblr

by 3 years ago

Monday night was cardio night for me, I was hitting the treadmill and needed a good ‘long read’ article to help me pass the time. Someone on Twitter enthusiastically sent me an article from NewRepublic titled ‘The Secret Lives Of Tumblr Teens’, so I buckled down and got to reading about the lives of Tumblr celebrities.

Now I’m relatively familiar with Tumblr. I’m on Tumblr every single day, scouring the social network for pictures and jokes, pics I then share with you bros in my daily ‘Must See Imagery‘ photo roundups and in the ‘Times We Laughed Our Asses Off On Tumblr‘ roundups I publish every Monday here on BroBible. And I like to think of myself as a fairly observant person, sensing most things going on around me and noticing patterns and trends over time, but reading through the New Republic article I was absolutely mindfucked to discover that these little Tumblr teens are amassing huge fortunes, turning their sizable followings on Tumblr into cash by applying traditional affiliate marketing tactics.

The Secret Lives Of Tumblr Teens‘ starts out with a very long intro to some of the teen celebrities on Tumblr, most notably this young girl from Australia who went by the name of ‘Pizza’. This intro is used, in part, to set up just how in tune these teens of Tumblr are with their audience, and how the power users on Tumblr interact with one another. The article then goes on to introduce the two teens that basically invented the ‘Relatable’ meme, which I know you’ve all seen (So Relatable, etc etc).

It’s around the time that these teens are introduced Dennis Hegstad, the Tumblr teen that would eventually co-found ‘Exposely’, a network that served as a front for Tumblr’s power users to make insane sums of money off Google’s AdSense and by pushing trashy health supplements (‘lose weight quick!’ and stuff like that).

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