Ever Wonder What The Entire Universe Would Look Like In A Single Picture? Well, Someone Made One



The universe. It’s so big. So fucking big. So fucking big that we can’t even see it all. We’ve got a term for it in fact. Whenever we are talking about the universe, we are typically speaking about the observable universe, a space stretching about 46 billion miles in any direction you look from Earth. No one knows what’s past what we can see. Could go on forever.

(If you want a really cool video on this concept, I highly recommend this one by Veritasium.)

It’s impossible to comprehend, and even harder to visualize. But one man tried his best to give you a picture of what all we know would look like.

Using confusing as all hell charts from Princeton, Pablo Carlos Budassi made this picture of what the universe would look like as a flat disc.


Pablo Carlos Budassi

(Here’s an even bigger one.)

Damn. The Earth is at the center in this image, and it’s not really to scale, because that would be straight up impossible. You can see the Milky Way surrounding our Solar System, then as you move further outward, the rest of space.

The outer edge is as far as we can see right now, where cosmic background radiation lurks, given the amount of time light has had to travel to us since the Big Bang.

Pretty cool.

[Via Ancient Code]

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