This Unofficial Night Roadblock On I-78 In New Jersey Is CREEPY AS HELL

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You know what’s terrifying? When things come lurking out of the darkness while you’re driving. For example: Deer! Fuck deer. I grew up in the woods and have probably had no less than 10 harrowing experiences with them running out of nowhere. That’s not the case in this video along I-78 in New Jersey, right before the NJ Turnpike. Driver Ivan Tukhtin came across two cones set up in the middle of the four-lane highway late at night, clearly intended to stop traffic in his direction. He asks the guy what he’s doing. When he approaches his window, doesn’t really give a clear answer, and  allegedly reaches for his pocket, Ivan guns it. It’s creepy as fuck:

Dash cam footage, roadblock in the middle of a highway (78 west before the turnpike) late at night.

no lights or hazards. both lanes blocked off. Suspicious for sure, scary to think what could have happened.

dash cam is a G1W, for those of you asking what is being recorded with.

before people jump to conclusions, no i will not run a person over, there was no immediate danger. i asked him what he was doing to lead him away from the front of the car, as soon as he acted suspicious i left. for those of you who would run over the cones, i hope you are okay with paying for the damage it would cost to a lowered sports car traveling 40+ mph.

Why didn’t he have his hazards on? Who cruises around with giant parking cones like that? Who is the guy? I’m not 100% sure this is even real. Personally, I’ve driven around that exact area many times and have no idea how there isn’t more traffic. I always thought 78 was four lanes each direction for like 10 miles in each direction of the Turnpike, unless this is in the express/local lane division area or the whole way down towards Pennsylvania. The I-78/NJ Turnpike junction isn’t that far from Newark Airport and The Oranges, after all.

Scary. Like, something out of a horror movie scary. Can anyone explain what’s happening here? We’d welcome your feedback in the comments.

UPDATE: Apparently this happened on the desolate Newark Bay Extension of I-78, according to a local news report I just watched on WBC. Two men have been arrested in this case, according to police who talked to WABC. One for a DWI, the other for interfering with an investigation. It’s TBD  what their intentions with the roadblock were. Kind of makes you wonder, huh?

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