Is ‘Vert Pong’ A Beer Pong Game Changer?

There are many, many variations of beer pong. There’s PortOPong, an inflatable raft you can play in a pool. There’s mini-pong. There are dunk-proof pong tables being engineered in the hallowed halls of Ivy League colleges. There’s the super-geeky Quidditch Beer Pong, which I can’t imagine a single Natty Light-drinking Bro would ever play if his life depended on it:

There’s a freaking beer pong-playing robot, for Christ sake.

Today the latest and greatest pong invention to fall on our radar is Vert Pong. It’s a tailgating-friendly version of beer pong that involves all the fun of throwing ping-pong balls at red and blue SOLO cups and one of those impossible cup-toss carnival games you made your dad waste his hard-earned $5 on while visiting the Wildwood Boardwalk one night.

The premise is pretty simple: It’s just beer pong, played vertically. Think of it like throwing darts with two teams able to throw simultaneously. Cost? $45, according to the Vert Pong website.

Here are a couple of demo videos. Looks fun and has me dreaming out spring even though it feels like the hard part of winter just started. Anyone know how you enforce reaching, though? Bowling/dart rules with a line?

Vert Pong-Pour House Tournament from Liftd Parties on Vimeo.

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